Saturday, March 24, 2007

No Cat Pictures Today (Heather)

The first sleeve is done! Sleeves always take longer than you think. If vests looked remotely good on me, I would never knit another sleeve.

Unfortunately, for the sake of symmetry I have to cast on for a second sleeve. In the meantime. the sweater pieces are piling up!

According to my schedule, I am at least a week ahead of where I have to be, though to be fair I didn't allot any days for seaming, so I will need some of that extra time. Maybe if I get far enough ahead I can sneak in a cabled knee sock somewhere? if you want a sneak peek of what (I hope) my Central Park Hoodie will look like, go and visit brand-new blogger Katrinka.


spillyjane said...

crap for CRAP you are motoring through that sweater! looking good, lady!

Adriana said...

That sweater looks fabulous! Gotta love that gorgeous cable.

Mary deB said...

Wow, you are speedy! Is that a sleeve in 2 days!? Hoo ee.

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

Who needs cat pictures everytime, although I do like to see them. Your sweater keeps getting better and better. If I were you I would block the part that is finished while you knit that last sleeve. There will be no delay in stitching that baby up, although I find seaming tedious as well.