Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Not my Buttons! Not my Walnut Buttons! (Heather)

We are goofballs 'round these parts.

Anyway, yesterday I deigned to read the instructions before I began seaming the whole sweater, and it turns out that I only seam the shoulders before picking up and knitting the hood. This meant two seams about three inches long each. That was pretty quick work. Once I was finished that, I had to pick up for the hood. I only have to pick up 22 measly stitches since the rest are on holders, but I hate picking up stitches (if they are not neat and pretty enough you have no recourse but to frog it all and start again... I hate that!) and the siren song of Clessidra was calling me. Since I was fresh out of sealing wax and a ship's mast, I was drawn in.

But the back of the sock is where the real magic happens. Has anyone here tried taking a decent picture of the back of their leg? Let me tell you, it requires more flexibility than I have to spare. Instead of pulling something, I eventually twisted the sock around and made the back the front:

The cables look messier here than they do... I think it will need to be blocked. I am actually a bit farther than this, already into the fifth repeat of the hourglass chart, but Mike needs some action shots of him teaching, so I am restricted to pictures I took yesterday afternoon. Pardon the pasty white legs, yesterday was the first time they saw sun in months.

Just to keep some red in this post, a button query. I picked up these fantastic walnut shell buttons at the KW Knitters' Fair last year and when I was debating whether or not to use buttons, I remembered them. I think they go very nicely with the rustic texture of the wool and the deep, saturated red. My Dad's father had a thing about walnuts and walnut shells, so there is some sentimental value there, too.

So, do I use these buttons inside down (left) or inside up (right). I love the insides of these buttons, but I have received mixed opinions on that. Another option is to leave Central Park buttonless, though I do question the utility of a warm wool sweater that doesn't close.

Weigh in, folks!

(edited to replace the blogpoll... it was causing strange things to occur! When I deleted the code the score was 5 for Down, 1 for Up. If you voted on the old poll, feel free to vote again.)


Adriana said...

Lovely buttons! I can't wait to go to the KW Knitter's Fair this year!

Clessidra is looking lovely. The grey really makes the cables pop.

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

You could wear your sweater this year with the buttons inside down and then next year for a new look, turn them over!

Great socks.

Heather G. said...

Changing the buttons around? That is something I didn't think of!

Clessidra is highly addictive. Just one... more.... row!

Stephanie said...

Those are great buttons. I better not show my mom, as she will have another crafty project she can do.

spillyjane said...

those are great buttons! i went through a nut phase myself (ha ha.) i drilled a hole in a Brazil nut and wore it around my neck on a red ribbon. the lucky pecan i carry in my bag is a remnant from those days.