Monday, March 26, 2007

Strawberry Kool-Aid Forever (Heather)

Desperate not to let the sleeves bog down an otherwise on-schedule knit, I motored through the second sleeve, casting on during Movie #3 of our Gerard Butler Marathon on Saturday night and finishing off during Man on Fire Sunday night. Just in time, too, because there is a red groove on my tensioning finger that I am hoping will have a chance to subside while I seam.

This morning, since some intense thunder and lightning encouraged me to turn off my computer, I dunked the pieces in some eucalan and let everything soak for a half an hour. It is nice to see that the pieces are as large as they should be... with all that curling stockinette I was getting a bit concerned that I would have to go on a hunger strike to fit my finished object. I also discovered that I have a lot fewer pins than I thought I did. And that Phlox will NOT be deterred from sleeping on his bed.

And not to any great surprise, the red dye leached out into the wash water. It looks about right to be strawberry kool-aid, the kind with a bit of kiwi flavour in it. Yum.

Note my salad spinner. I may not eat salad, but I sure do love my salad spinner! It has saved me from countless soggy towels over the months. Perfect for socks, small delicate blouses, and sweater pieces.

Since I had a long wait ahead while the pieces dried (though they are almost dry) I cast on for Clessidra!

It is fiddly, but once I got past the first hourglass chart, things are easier to keep in order. It feels like I am knitting a tiny aran sweater.

Tonight I will tackle the seaming, and tomorrow we discuss buttons.


Adriana said...

Sweet Phloxy! He knows where he belongs :)

See, I actually use my salad spinner, quite frequently in fact, so I put up with soggy towels. Luckily Pete came to me with far more towels than a 25 year old man should have.

The sweater is looking fabulous but Clessidra steals the show, and it's still tiny! I can't wait to see more pictures as you get further along.

Aara said...

You are an impressive knitting machine!

spillyjane said...

the pieces look so nice and crisp! i can't get enough of that colour.

also, sock!! the tiny cables are exquisite.

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

I am going to print off the sock pattern to show grandma. I can't imagine knitting a sweater that quickly. Good work.

Azura said...

um... i may have some of your pins...