Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pieces of Me (Adriana)

Audrey and the shrug haven't moved forward since last time I posted but I decided to show off pictures of their incomplete states anyways. Heather is on her way here right now (!!!) so hopefully I will have some finished objects to show off soon (there's a still a lot of work to do so don't hold your breath).

Audrey in pieces (Note the book at the top of the picture, Fitted Knits, which is totally awesome!!)

The nameless shrug (ok, it has a name, Retro-Redux, but I dislike it and haven't settled on a better one yet)

A close up of the lacey stitch pattern

I decided to knit Sizzle even though I didn't get gauge. Thanks to the advice of the wise Heather, I was able to knit a larger size and, hopefully, get a properly fitting garment (I really should try it on soon just in case). Sizzle is a really straight-forward knit. I decided to do it in the round because a girl can only handle so much seaming.

I can't believe I actually have three garments on the go right now. I'm so excited to be able to wear them soon!


Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see them all! Keep us updated!

Samantha said...

Three garments?? Holy crap lady! I have neglected socks looking at me with disdain right now. I have been like Heather was - a bit on the knitting lethargic side. Glad to see someone is full of vim and vigour!

spillyjane said...

nice bits you got there, lady! :P

Azura said...

I wish I was in London with you guys too :(

I'll take pictures of my so-far blanket so you can see it. Please don't point out mistakes (if there are any). At this point, I don't care :D

Heather G. said...

I wish we could have gotten Audrey seamed together, but now that you know the secret to mattress stitch (ie: there is really no trick to it), you will have it done in no time. Consult your copy of the Purl Stitch if you want tips on seaming row to stitch ratios in the future, but for Audrey and the shrug, you are always seaming row to row, so no worries.

Looks great!

Rachel said...

Everything's looking good! I just love that shade of blue for sizzle.

I want to try to find a copy of Fitted Knits to flip through -- I'm intrigued by it and I'd like to see how many of the patterns I might actually knit. I'd be interested in your overall thoughts (though "totally awesome" does give me a good sense of your opinion!).