Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Little Things (Adriana)

It was a busy long weekend for me too. I helped my parents find a new house! It's absolutely perfect for them and there's a room for me too. While I was gone I was able to gain some headway on Granny's socks.
The first foot is done (the toe just needs grafting) and look at how much yarn is left to do the rest of the leg. I've started the second foot next because I want to knit the legs together so I get the increases right.

I think I've finally gotten the desire to knit baby things out of my system but not before I made this:
baby vest
It's a baby vest made with Mission Falls 1824 wool left over from Tubey.
The pattern is loosely based on Debbie Bliss' Argyll Slip-Over

I also whipped out a One Skein Wonder in purple Warani
This is such a clever knit and it only uses 150m of yarn! I will be making more in the future.

Now it's time to return to the monkey.


Heather G. said...

That One Skein Wonder may have won me over to the idea of shrugs! I couldn't believe how comfortable and 'right' it felt.

spillyjane said...

ever-productive as always, lady! nice work!

i've been thinking about Monkey for a while now. maybe once i finish this second Queen of Cups sock (i started it today!) i'll give it a whirl.

Rachel said...

Super cute baby sweater! I love the blue and white. Perfect for a little sailor baby (or any other baby, for that matter).

Azura said...

I thought you were knitting an actual monkey :(

I need to make a baby hat or something by early June for my cousin's baby shower - but it cannot outshine the blanket! Too much blood, sweat, tears, and curses have gone into that blanket for them to like a hat more!!