Thursday, November 29, 2007

Almost There (Adriana)

I am currently one assignment away from being done school for the semester (squee!) and one sleeve away from being done the Gallery Jacket (all that 1x1 ribbing got boring really fast). I'm currently regretting my decision to give it long sleeves but I knew that I wouldn't get any use out of a short-sleeved sweater in this climate. Naturally I've also been engaged in a little Christmas knitting (I said I was done but little things always pop up) so I can't even show you pictures of those.
Instead I thought I'd share the next two projects in my queue.

Remember my first sweater Tempting? Way back in July I decided that it was time to frog so that the yarn could be reused for something I'd actually wear.
I'm going to use this yarn:
to make Stefanie Japel's Back-to-School U-Neck Vest (Ravelry link)
After slogging through the Gallery Jacket this should be a quick knit.

The other project I am itching to cast on are socks using my one and only ball of STR:
in Jingle Bell Rock.
I wanted to find a pattern that would make it look like garland on a Christmas tree. I need to swatch it to see if it actually will give it the desired look but right now I'm leaning towards Marigold Socks.

I'm off to my parents' house next week where I am hoping to do a proper photo shoot for the Gallery Jacket. Now I'm off to the gym to sit on a bike and force myself to brainstorm for my marketing assignment. Why is it that the last project is always the most challenging?
Happy Almost-December everyone!


Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

I like the look of the new vest.

spillyjane said...

I love that STR colourway a little too much. I can help you dig through patterns if you like. Maybe something feather and fan will do the trick?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting!! I really want to try Valley Yarns, the line seems to fit into my criteria (cheap, but passes for expensive...! I usually stick to Knitpicks, though). And the Gallery Jacket is such a cute pattern, I can't wait to see your FO!

Good luck with the rest of your school work! I'm at a similar place, with just a little more work to do because my exam week hasn't started yet. Ugh... :/