Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Non-Knitting Content (Deal with it) (Adriana)

In lieu of a proper blog post (too stressed these days to knit much) you get a little story.

Last Saturday I went here:
cn tower

To see this:
(Which totally rocked by the way and I recommend very highly)

With this handsome but blurry fellow:
pete and adriana blurry
And two of our dear friends
(See the little bit of pink at my neck? Yes, my friends, it was indeed cold enough to break out the Clap!)

The show was fantastic and there was even some highly publicized knitting content!
mrs lovett knitting
This was actually one of the posters outside the theatre. I watched carefully and Mrs. Lovett does indeed knit during the show :)

The Gallery Jacket is still trucking along. I have now split for the armholes. I've got a test this afternoon and an exam next Tuesday so hopefully I'll have some more interesting knitting-related pictures to show you soon. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and for the Canadians, at least it's Wednesday :)


happy2knit said...

You and Mr. Blurry make an adorable couple. Nice fashion use for the Clap. Happy Thanksgiving! (um, you do have thanksgiving up there, don't you? - Ah, well, if not, take the sentiment anyway!)

Heather G. said...

Happy2Knit, we do have thanksgiving, but it is celebrated in the beginning of October. Enjoy your turkey!

Adriana: glad you enjoyed your trip, hope we catch you next time! (now the CN tower is lit up at night! Very pretty!!)

Adriana said...

Heather, we saw the CN Tower with lights when we were leaving that evening. It was very pretty, like a disco party :)
We're plotting a trip to TO for January when we will not be seeing a show and thus able to actually visit with people.