Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Socks (Adriana)

Last year I decided that I needed a pair of Christmas socks to celebrate my favourite holiday. Since I had very specific image for these socks I decided to dye the yarn myself.

christmas sock2006a
I measured out the yarn to the appropriate length to make it self-striping, then dyed part of it red, part green and speckled the white sections to look like candy sprinkles. I love these socks and they will take a really long time to wear out since I only wear them during December!

christmas sock2006b
My family laughed at me when I lay on my back and stretched my legs up in the air in front of the tree but it is a great shot :)

This year I wanted to make another pair of Christmas socks. Luckily I had recently acquired some STR in Jingle Bell Rock in a Ravelry swap. Like the previous year, I cast on these socks in early December and rationed out the knitting because it made me so happy to work on them. Christmas socks definitely help put me in the holiday spirit.

Christmas sock2
I used the Marigold pattern because the purl rows reminded me of garlands. I can't tell you how delighted I was that this yarn didn't pool.

Christmas sock flash
Here are the socks posed in front of Pete's parents' Christmas tree (I did get a few strange looks from his dad as I prepared for the photo but he didn't say anything)

Christmas sock no flash
Without flash the socks are blurry but you can see the pretty tree

I'd heard of people running out of yarn with STR but I had tons left over. I'd seen some beautiful ornaments on Everwhelming Liz's blog and I thought this would be the perfect use for my yarn (I still have tons left).

little sock1
A sweet little ornament on my beautiful tree

little sock2
This was such a quick knit; I did it in a few hours. My family were all so impressed with it that I think I need to make 6 more for next year. I might work on my embroidery skills so that everyone will know which stocking is theirs.


spillyjane said...

Nice looking socks, lady! I had forgotten how festive last year's socks were. This year's look great! You're lucky that they didn't pool.

May you continue to have such luck with the (possibly cursed) Terra Firma. I have a sneaky feeling that STR is out to get me.

Heather G. said...

That is so strange... I posted my post only about an hour or two ago, and it has backdated itself to yesterday evening. Weeeeird.

Hey man, nice socks!

Adriana said...

Heather, that is very strange. I wouldn't have intentionally posted 5 minutes after you :)
Also, mine says it went up at noon when I definitely did it after 3pm. We should check our settings.

Stephanie said...

Happy New Year! Love the socks, I think I like the ones you dyed the best!

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

Will you be knitting socks for other holidays? The little socks are fun for people to put on their trees.

Bertha said...

Nice festive socks!! I like both pairs & the little ornament! I made some of those last year but didn't save any for me! Will have to remedy that next year!

happy2knit said...

Fab-oo socks. I am very impressed with the self stripping dye job! Love the garland detail on this years socks too. You also have a lovely toe point - any dance experience? ;-)

Mary deB said...

I think blogger puts the time you started the post, not the time you posted! Click "post options" and correct the time if you write your posts over several hours.

Team Knit ! said...

Love those Christmas socks!! That's such a great idea. I'm seriously impressed with the yarn you dyed yourself, by the way!
- Julie