Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Trip to Toronto (Adriana)

This past weekend Pete and I made the trip to the big city to see the sights and to visit the gang (Heather, Mike and Gen, of course).

I got my belated Christmas present from Heather and what it lacked in timeliness it made up in awesomeness!
She made me a sock bag! I was so impressed with the one she made herself in the fall and this one is perfect!

Check out the gorgeous fabric. Heather, you outdid yourself. I love it and have been using it a lot. (Posed in the bag is the remaining STR from Jane's socks. They really do have good yardage.)

FA from Heather
She also gave me this beautiful FA seconds from BC.

No trip to Toronto is complete without a yarn crawl, though out of respect to Pete we kept the crawl to one store this trip. Lettuce Knit just happened to be having a 30% off sale so we had to go there.

When I walked in the door one yarn caught my eye so I grabbed it immediately just in case. I'm glad I did because it ended up being the only yarn that I wanted and Gen bought it for me as my Christmas present. (Thanks Ghen!)
STR Lightweight in Firebird.
I'm worried about pushing my STR luck so I've asked Pete to hide it (along with my FA and Jitterbug). I find that when I buy new yarn it's terribly exciting but after it has marinated in the stash for a while it doesn't thrill in the same way so I figure that if the yarn disappears and I forget about it then it will be exciting again at some point in the future (I'll let you know if this works).

Yarn shopping builds up the appetite so we hit up a cool cafe where I finally managed to get a picture of Heather's Wisp in action.
heather scarfette
I think she pulls it off way better than I could.

After regaining out energy (I had delicious french toast) it was off to the ROM to "meet the dinosaurs" (anybody get that musical reference? Gen, you can't guess since I told you :P)
Here Pete and I are able to be devoured by a T-Rex.

All in all it was a great weekend. Thanks to our lovely hostess, Gen (check out the additions to her stash that she picked up at the sale) and to our excellent tour guides, Heather and Mike.


Bertha said...

Wow, you totally scored on that STR from Lettuce Knit! I love that color! I also think that wisp looks so great on Heather! Adorable!

spillyjane said...

That sounds like a fun trip lady! Glad to hear it was a good time.

Heather G. said...

The best part of the STR is that it is from the Rockin' Sock Club! Talk about some exclusive yarn there!!

It was fun to have you!

zoom said...

Oh! I wanted to go to Lettuce Knit when I was in Toronto, but I didn't think I'd have time. Then I DID have time after all, but when I looked it up in the yellow pages it wasn't there! And I didn't have internet access so I couldn't check online.

I'm tempted to go back just to do a yarn crawl after seeing what you got.

Heather G. said...

Zoom!: It is worth the visit! As is Romni, especially if you have never been. I am always willing to yarn crawl if you want company.

Stephanie said...

I love the colors in the bag! And the yarn. Sounds like a blast!