Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pins and Needles (Heather)

Back to the grind!

I am still intending to blog about my 2008 intentions, but I've been too busy doing things to plan! Last weekend, as you know, we hit Lettuce Knit's Inventory Sale, and I scored this:

Berroco Ultra Alpaca... enough (I hope) for a sweater. I got 20 sts/4 inches quite easily, but now I am tempted to see if I can winkle 18 sts out of it to try Snow White. If I don't like the fabric at that gauge, I will either consider trying to make the math fit with a larger size, or I will go back to my plan of a plan v-neck sweater. The fabric I got at 20" is just so damn yummy that I may just stick with that plan anyway. And so affordable! Especially at 30% off.

This weekend, Mike and I stayed in and played with our respective toys. Mike is working on his belt (for a Roman soldier, Dacian Wars, approx. 105 AD) and it is starting to come along:

We sure do know how to weird out the neighbours, eh?

I made a pincushion:

Tutorial here. I forgot to take a picture of the bottom, which is in a different fabric. I am really very fond of it. I almost don't want to stick it with pins! What you don't see is the other pincushions that I made and hated. I am impressed that I managed to stick with this to the end result of having an actual pincushion.

In other news, I prewashed my whole uncut fabric stash, and so I am getting close to actually starting my quilt. Still some planning required, of course. I have also knit half a dahlia sock as my commuter knitting, but I keep forgetting it at home and getting caught up in a book instead. I will try to be better this week!

And finally, proof that I finished my Christmas presents on time this year!


spillyjane said...

You made the pincushion! It looks great!

I've been eyeing the Ultra Alpaca for some time (actually, for about a week, but who's counting?) I love the names they've given the colours.

Heather G. said...

Spilly: I didn't even know they had names... looks like mine is 'Pea Soup Mix'. Mmmmmm... pea soup!

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

good looking pincushion! It looks professional. It looks like happy purple feet.

Mary deB said...

I think we need to see more of that black shirt! What about an Achilles heel? Is that like the Aladdin heel for socks, heh heh.

Adriana said...

Great looking pincushion! I need one of those. I should make one when I get my sewing machine back (mom took it in for the cleaning and maintenance that should happen at least every decade and a half :P)

I love Snow White. I hope it turns out.

Heather G. said...

Mary: That is but one of many Classics Society t-shirts that we collected during our Western years. A good one, no?

Team Knit ! said...

Love that pincushion! Thanks for the tutorial link And as for your man's belt- well well, he'll be all set for halloween!
- Julie

Tina said...

I recently used Ultra Alpaca for a scarf I made my mom for Christmas, and I absolutely loved the yarn. Now, I want to buy some to make a sweater for me. I can't wait to see what you create with your stash. I love the color too.

Bertha said...

I'm going to be starting a pair of Bird in Hand mittens in that very color of Ultra Alpaca (paired with 'Couscous,' an off-white)! I too hope that Snow White works out, I love that sweater! I also love that pincushion! I've needed a new pincushion for a while, I should make one!

steph said...

I got a very similar color of Cascade 220 for a sweater! Great minds think alike. I have also prewashed fabric for some baby gifts I am sewing. Fabric and yarn - who could think of a better combination!

happy2knit said...

Cute pincushion! Love the color of the yarn. Funny, I just cast on for Gretel today and was looking at Snow White. Just make sure to use the long tail tubular cast on and not the stockinette tubular cast on. It makes a difference

Aara said...

Good to see you're still with us! I just washed that t-shirt this weekend.
Your alpaca is absolutely lovely.
Your pincushion is absolutely cute.
Mike's belt is absolutely eccentric.
I can't wait to see the quilt.