Saturday, April 5, 2008

The SOCKS do TORONTO! (Heather)

(Subtitle: In which our intrepid blogger painfully overuses the parenthesis)

Long time, no see, eh?

This past Tuesday, Gen and I each used a lieu day on a whim (what are the odds that we each had one burning a hole in our proverbial pockets?) and headed out on the town to photograph our socks in interesting places in a grand scheme organized by the Yarn Harlot.

Some of the places (Prince's Gates, Ontario Place, etc) I had never been to before, and it was a great way to spend the day (though if I were to do it again, I think we would take the TTC a great deal more. A GREAT DEAL more. My legs burned and ached more the next day than when I climbed the CN tower last October). I think I might have enjoyed the talk more if I wasn't so damned exhausted, and I think I came across as a teensy bit demented (and more than likely rude) when I accosted Rachel H. to ask about the Scavenger Hunt. We were just so very tired and just a tad bit desperate that after 8+ hours of hoofin' it around downtown Toronto we had missed it! The thought had also crossed my mind, that the day being what it was, we had been victims of the cruelest prank ever perpetrated on a knitter, though we were more or less convinced that no knitter could be that dastardly.

(proof that the sun actually did shine for a time)

You can see the entire Flickr set here.

Long story short, we ended up winning a fourth prize!

(sweet sweet victory)

Gen won too... we did explain twice that we were playing as a team, but Jayme the Wonder Publicist and Rachel H. decided that we each won a skein of lovely Socks that Rock! Mine is Cobblestone County.

There were more than a few places that I would have liked to see, but we had to get a little mercenary towards the end and ruthlessly plan our attack. I would like to see Riverdale Farm sometime this spring/summer, and seeing all the landmark tourist areas, some for the first time (Casa Loma especially, and it is within walking distance of our apartment!) we each decided that it would be worthwhile to invest in a City Pass and see them all one week.

(Casa Loma: A castle within walking distance of my teensy one-bedroom apartment. Surreal.)

We also decided that it would be on a warmer day.

(This picture was taken from a reclining pose)

Anyway, there is tons that I would love to say about it all, but I am just all worded out. I have done some other knitting lately, but all has been slow in the face of the call of Fable. (Thanks a lot, Sam... I have now finished the game twice!)


Adriana said...

What an amazing day. Too bad it wasn't warmer outside. I wish I could have joined you. Maybe I can next time if this becomes an annual event (and if you're willing to do it again).
I want to see Casa Loma! Let's add that to the list for my next visit.

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

New camera works great, loved the photos. Like your hair. Socks and beer what a good combo.

Heather G. said...

Rosemary: Socks and FREE beer!

Mary deB said...

We have to head out to Riverdale Farm someday soon, so my kids can take pictures of animals for yet another contest...

Nice sock yarn you go there, congratulations!

Azura said...

I'm going to put all the pictures on my website... possibly today :)

Think I have a future as a yarn model? ;)

Sam said...

I too wish to go to Casa Loma.

If you think Fable is good, just imagine how much I am looking forward to Fable 2! You get a dog! :) I can't wait! This is the reason I got a xbox 360!

Michael said...

Sam: Heck, I want Fable: Lost Chapters first! New areas unlocked! More Jack!

Sam said...

I admit - I have Fable the Lost Chapters as well. Perhaps we can arrange something :)